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I have been remiss in writing in general.

I have a script for a comic, that if I finish I'll retroactively pretend was for Script Frenzy.

I HAVE been link blogging over on tumblr. It's very simple, and easy to share.
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in these trying times, I find the only thing that really cheers me up is music videos on youtube.


RIP another relationship
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Gary Gygax died today. He and his intellectual children had an
enormous, incalculable effect on my life, and lives of many others. I
am saddened.
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AFP: Descendants of Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse break away from US

I just got this from, about six sources in my newsfeed, they all seem to think it's either meaningless, fascinating, revolutionary, or bait for the USGov to come down hard on these latter-day AIM folks.

I can't really decide what I think will happen, but good on them for daring.
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well, to my shame, I was a few thousand words short of the NaNoWriMo target. This is the first year I've tried and failed, and I have to be sure to do better next year.

In other news, work is good, my thanksgiving holiday spacious and foodful, and the state of the union is stable. I'm considering changing the title to outlawpoet_monthly, but I should have more spare time now that I'm not balancing writing with all my other leisure activities.
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Eeextremely Eeenticing: a review of the Asus Eee PC

My next laptop, hopefully. Maybe after christmas. I know some of you need a cheap new computer because the old one is getting long in the tooth.

This looks like it does all the basic stuff you need computers for, and is actually quite capable in the multimedia and writing/programming department, which I'm interested in.

It's running IceWM default with a custom desktop, although full KDE is available as well. (for power users)

Interestingly, it also comes with a bunch of very good free educational software. You know, for the kids.

$399, with no deals or crapware.
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I know everybody is linking this, but it's too good for anyone to miss.

Don't watch if you're planning on playing Portal, the half-life side game.

Spoilers and a video )
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I'm off to Utah for a weekend visit.
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Overcoming Bias: 9/26 is Petrov Day

Today is Petrov Day!

Today in 1983 Stanislav Yevgrafovich Petrov saved the world.

The link for more details, but suffice to say that on his personal authority, he countermanded the automatic response to ICBM launches from the US. It was a sensor error, but he had no way of knowing that. He decided not to respond, and because of that, we didn't have a nuclear exchange with the Soviet Union.
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the internet is a scary place.

sometimes you see something you wish you hadn't. but once you've seen it. you can't unsee it.
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Anne Corwin

I have a relative, who is an engineer!

Who is also a transhumanist apparently.Her focus is life extension, which is cool. I wonder how/if she's related to me.
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Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry is one of my favorite entertainers. Smart, and funny, he represents a huge swath of intelligent civilized people who too often are overshadowed by their boorish and less talented cousins.

His show, QI, is my favorite scored gameshow, now that Win Ben Stein's Money is off the air.

And he's opened up a blog, where he opens, aggressively establishing internet cred, with an exhaustive dissection of the various attempts at mobile computing via smartphones. Very interesting stuff, and in inimitable Fry style. His feed goes on the dashboard.
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BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Solar plane flies into the night

solar power plane, very cool.

My old friend peeyush asked me an interesting question a while ago, to get together a list of things to do before I'm 30. I thought about it off and on, but I forgot about it.

he reminded me today, and here's what I have so far:

Things to do before I'm thirty
-Be financially secure
--Attention (time-management, desktop interface software, ver 0.1 existed)
--Grayswandir (wearable computing interface/hardware, half designed, specs on request)
--Jack of Shadows (communications interface, specs on request)
--DocDesignr (XML document design meta-tool, ver 0.0.1 existed, specs on request)
--Rationalizer (bayesian statistics visualization tool)
--toy_decider (utility hypothesis bot)
--Dr.Know (tutor/research bot)
--Attitude Adjuster (modular airship design)
--Home One (factory ship design)
-be romantically secure
-have some idea what the state of the possible art in AI is.
-be incorporated
-be physically stable
-have published my papers on decision theory as high dimensional vector analysis
-have completed every nanowrimo in between then and now
-have had at least one satisfying computer or computer-mediated rpg experience
-have experimented with consulting
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Haven't seen the last few episodes of Doctor Who?

The Master is back, and he's FABULOUS.

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Soon I Will Be Invincible

This is fantastic. I read Soon I Will be Invincible two days ago, and yesterday I went home and read it again.It's a whole continuity of superheroes and super villains, old heroes and old villains.

the main character, Doctor Impossible, is a lot like Hannibal, in that I'm sure most people will love to hate him. I personally sympathize with him a great deal. I'd take a job with him.
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Crooked Little Vein: A Novel: Books: Warren Ellis

Crooked Little Vein is fan-freaking tastic, of this I had no doubt before reading. But it even overshadowed my other delivery this week, "Spook Country" by William Gibson, because it's got punching power above it's weight class, I'm sure I may appreciate the Gibson novel more in retrospect, but for impact, Warren unseats a longtime favorite author.

Disgusting, funny, surprisingly heartwarming. I see a lot of reviews deriding Ellis for making things up to try to shock. I have bad news for these people. With the exception of the Roanake family, everything in this novel has a real-life counterpart I can think of. Yes, even the porn farm, and the MHP. Life is weird, people are weird, long live the internet.

Buy this book. It's handily pocket sized, and twice as much fun as books three times as big.
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Video A gentlemen's duel - short, film - Dailymotion

fantastic CGI duel between a frenchman and an englishmen,
featuring gigantic, steampowered automatons
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wow, somehow I never heard of Dr. Phineas Steel. steam-punk super villain music, perfect.
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SPACE.com -- Northrop Grumman Buys Builder of SpaceShipOne

I don't know whether this is great news or horrible news. For those who don't know, I'm a big supporter of space expansion, if only because it's cool.

Scaled Composites is a very cool company, that has been involved in many aviation firsts, and recently expanded to private aerospace with great result.

They've always had investments by larger aerospace companies, but apparently in the last few years, Northrup Grumman has been increasing their stake, leading to this news that it will now be a wholly owned subsidiary. I don't really know what will happen here, but given Northrup Grumman's defense contractor status, and their involvement in the government space program, I fear that this may be the end of the development I saw there.

I went to the first SpaceShipOne launch into space, and I felt that it was an important milestone.

People going into space *because we want to*, not to fight another country, or spur weapons development, that's important.

Here's hoping Scaled Composites doesn't get lost in NASA hell. Because the last thing we need is another thousand engineers working on another space shuttle.
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